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Fertility Acupuncture

The most common reason for a woman to consult an acupuncturist is for fertility and I get a lot of messages at The Whitfield Clinic asking if acupuncture can help, how, and what the treatment will be like.

Well to summarise, acupuncture can be useful in assisting fertility. This seems to be more on a case by case basis rather than with lots of research evidence (as you may of found if you’ve googled it). So, this means that although there isn’t a huge body of research for it, it does seem to work but as with a lot of things, some it works for and some it doesn’t.

How does fertility acupuncture work?

The evidence that is out there (some of it summarised in the research literature review link below), shows that it could:

- Increase blood flow to the uterus and help with the lining of the uterus so it’s more likely a fertilised egg will implant

- Generally help with hormonal balance which can often be out of check with all the stress that comes with trying to conceive.

- One of the biggest things that it can help achieve is the sense of relaxation from stimulating the release of endorphins which is so hard to do (the top thing everyone trying to conceive us told is ‘try to relax’ which is not only impossible but also frustrating to hear). Acupuncture can kind of cut a corner to relaxation which you can’t always achieve on your own.

To look at a balanced overview of some of research into fertility acupuncture click here.

When can I start fertility acupuncture in my cycle?

You can start fertility acupuncture at any part of your cycle and often, a welcome side effect is also that it can help balance out other hormonal effects such as acne, PMS, regulate your cycle and reduce period pain.

What does fertility acupuncture involve?

I have been trained in the use of electro acupuncture which there is greater evidence for helping with blood flow to the reproductive organs and is what I use with patients and would recommend. It’s like a mild machine tens but much lower frequency and I let you control the power once the electrodes are attached to the needles. The needles are usually placed over your lower abdomen and ankles and feet for the treatment protocol I use.

You can still use regular acupuncture or start off with/instead of, if you feel nervous about electroacupuncture as that will have an effect but the electroacupuncture has a better researched effect. Most of my patients actually like it and it’s not scary, promise!

How long should I need treatment for?

I would recommended trying 8-12 sessions, a session every week or every 2 weeks (considering budget and time). If then it isn’t working for you, I would suggest a break from it. I believe about being honest and although it does help some and has helped my patients, and hopefully would help you, it should show effect by then.

How much is fertility acupuncture?

The price for electroacupuncture is the same as regular acupuncture and is £45 for your first session and then £40 for all further sessions, even if you attend for a different ailment. I offer 10% off all treatments for NHS, armed forces and emergency service workers

Any more questions before you book or would like to book in?

The Whitfield clinic is run by Dr Kerry Jeevananthan MBBS MRCPCH in a quiet discreet residential location in West Sussex, UK. Dr Kerry is a dual trained doctor of over 11 years experience and has been trained in western medical acupuncture since 2011.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask, or if you would like to book in. You can contact me at

I have an online booking system at that's easy to see available appointments or you can let me know when you're free and I can check the diary for you.

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