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How we are keeping you COVID safe at your appointment

You will all be well aware that due to COVID-19 pandemic, every business and health setting has had to make changes to how they see you.

PPE worn by Dr Kerry

We have carried out a clinic risk assessment to be able to re-open on the 4th July. It shows that we would be low risk for the spread of COVID-19 because we have employed the following measures:

  • We have no public waiting area and have spaced our client’s appointment apart so they should not meet. If you are early for your appointment please wait in your car/outside.

  • Clients need to use their own mask to enter the premises or can be provided with one by the clinic. They must use alcohol gel to clean their hands on entry and try to avoid touching any non-essential surfaces.

  • The clinic will only be seeing ‘low risk’ for COVID patients – this means all clients entering should be symptom free. There will be reminder signs on the premises of the symptoms of COVID. Clients will be temperature checked on arrival. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure they let the clinic know if they show signs of COVID and we will require every client to sign a COVID consent to acknowledge this.

  • Toilet facilities will be closed to public use unless it’s an emergency

  • We have removed all non-essential items/soft furnishing to clinic that cannot be easily cleaned/washed

  • We are only accepting one client per appointment unless it’s absolutely necessary to bring an accompanying adult. We regret we cannot facilitate any client’s children who are not there for an appointment for themselves.

  • We have adequate space to social distance when not performing clinical tasks, however time in close contact will be kept to a minimum and with adequate PEE for clients and practitioner to reduce risk of transmission.

  • We are cleaning all ‘patient touch’ areas between clients with appropriate antibacterial and anti-viral cleaning products and we are deep cleaning weekly.

  • Even though the clinic will be a low risk environment with PPE and enhanced cleaning, and the practitioner has taken all reasonable precautions, we can never eliminate all risk. We will require clients to sign a consent to acknowledge this.

  • Our PPE disposal is contracted with a clinical waste provider.

Our Corona Virus signage

When you receive your appointment reminder email the day before, please contact us to rearrange your appointment if you have any of the following symptoms of COVID-19:

  • A high temperature

  • A loss of, or change in normal smell or taste

  • A new and continuous cough, even if its mild

Instructions for clients coming to the clinic:

Things will be a little different at the clinic, but we hope you will still have a pleasant experience. It may seem impersonal to wear masks and appointments may seem more ‘business-like’ as we keep all client contact to a minimum but this is for everyone’s safety. You may be used to similar measures at other medical facilities.

Masks and Handgel provided

We have a video available here, so you can familiarise yourself with the new clinic's set up.

  1. Please let us know if you have symptoms of COVID as soon as possible before your appointment, and do not enter the premises if you have any symptoms. Please call us (leave a message if we can’t answer) on 01903 680 860 or email to let us know if you have symptoms of COVID and we can try to rearrange you appointment.

  2. Please arrive at your appointment time and knock or ring the bell and wait. Please wear your mask (can be a homemade cloth face covering) to your appointment. If you do not have one of these, we can provide a mask but stocks are limited.

  3. We will double check that you do not have any symptoms of COVID and measure your temperature. If you have a high temperature, unfortunately, you will not be allowed entry and we will rearrange your appointment.

  4. You will be invited in to gel your hands and offered a mask if you don’t have one. If we have enough stock, we may provide you with your own alcohol gel.

  5. Please come in without touching any door handles if possible and we will close the doors for you.

  6. Please sit directly into the treatment chair.

  7. When we consult, we will aim to social distance from you, but for your treatment we will have to be close but with appropriate PPE worn for the treatment.

  8. You will have to sign our new COVID consent as detailed above to acknowledge responsibility for your own health and that risk still remains, even though it is as low as we can possibly make it.

  9. There is alcohol gel available in the clinic room so that at any time you can gel your hands

  10. On leaving, we prefer that you use the card machine (cleaned between clients) or you can prepay by BACs rather than cash. The clinic BACS details are below.

  11. Please gel your hands on leaving and continue to wear your mask until you have left the premises. You should also wash your hands or gel them once you take off your mask.

  12. If you have any concerns after your treatment, please get in contact with us. Email is preferred and we access these regularly.

  13. If you have a review booked and no longer require it, please let us know. We can also review you over zoom or over email with pictures to reduce contact.

  14. If you would like to buy skincare, we will arrange this to be sent to you directly from the pharmacy contactlessly. Unfortunately we regret we cannot give out any samples or leaflets for hygiene reasons but we can direct you to online resources.

BACs payment details for The Whitfield Clinic:

Bank: Natwest

Account Name: The Whitfield Clinic

Sort Code: 54-41-54

Account number: 54185793

We cannot wait to all see you safely at the clinic!

The Doctor behind the mask, Dr Kerry!

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